“And most of all, 365 days out of the year, Mi Rae is never fake; she is always sincere and real. I have never once seen a mayor like that in my whole life.”- Jung Boo Mi to Jo Guk, City Hall Episode 9

Background: Jung Boo Mi, Mi Rae’s very close friend, said this to Jo Guk when the latter is trying to pay for/return the application fee that Boo Mi paid for Mi Rae to run for mayorship. Boo Mi refused to accept the money from Jo Guk because she herself believed that the money is not a waste and that Mi Rae can be elected as Inju City’s next promising Mayor. That money was all Boo Mi had, being an unemployed mother of three children, yet she was willing to put it all in the line.

These lines, to me, can only come out of someone’s untainted trust. And to be able to gain that trust doesn’t only mean that someone was a good friend. That kind of trust is not something seasonal that pops out when it is expected to. It is a kind of trust that is  (to be continued)