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What a happy day!

Out of my curiosity for the korean drama City Hall last year, I signed up in Soompi.com and since then, my days online became more exciting as I  got to know many good people across the globe.

I was often active in City Hall and Kim Suna’s soompi thread discussions whenever I would have the time to post comments. But one thing I avoided there was the exchange of thoughts and excitement towards buying the  limited edition of the City Hall director’s cut DVD  with all the heart-melting goodies that come with it. From the beginning I knew that I couldn’t afford to buy  such a package because in my country, the cost can be equivalent to almost a month’s salary. Since I was supporting my family, I couldn’t spare a big amount of money for the things I’m really fond of. And so, I just kept quiet whenever the “Inju citizens” would talk about how to get their copy of the DVD.

But one day, someone in Soompi sent me a personal message asking me if I am excited to receive the City Hall DVD parcel. Though I was a bit hesitant, I managed to give that person an honest reply about the reasons why I couldn’t buy this DVD set for myself.  Fifteen minutes after I sent the reply, I received a message from the same person telling me that I have to have my own DVD copy and that she is willing to send me the full amount so I can buy it.

I was shocked. I barely knew her and we only communicate online so I was really surprised with her offer. In all honesty, I was shy and I wanted to refuse it but in the end, I knew that I really wanted to have that DVD so I accepted her gift.

Last week, she sent the amount through international banking. As soon as I got it, I asked my Korean student to order the DVD for me. After two hours of processing the order, I was able to purchase the DVD package. Six days after, the parcel arrived in my hometown. My mother  sent me a text message informing me of the delivery. I was at work then (at a very stressful environment) but all the negative energy zapped out when I heard the great news. I still couldn’t believe receiving such a precious gift.

I opened the package with Dia, my long lost twin sister.  After work, I went straight to the hospital where she was confined (I hope she gets released today. She had serious problems with her throat.). I wanted so much to enjoy the gift with her.

A kid's excitement

Can’t remember when was the last time I was soooo excited like this.

The Gift

Dia's first hospital confinement

With my twin sister

The Poster with Signatures from the Main Cast

It was an unspoken prayer. A wish I just hid in my heart. I did not realize God was listening. I forgot that He wanted to shower me with big surprises because His love is as vast as the sky above. Thanks to the angel He sent to add joy in my heart 🙂